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Stamp Duty Rates For Leave And Licence Agreement 2013

Licence PeriodAAR* Upto Rs.2,50,000AAR* from Rs.2,50,001To Rs.5,00,000AAR* from Rs.5,00,001To Rs.20,00,000AAR* above Rs.20,00,000
Residential (Rs) Non Residential (Rs) Residential (Rs) Non Residential (Rs) Residential (Rs) Non Residential (Rs) Residential (Rs) Non Residential (Rs)
0 - 12 months60012001200240020004000500010000
13 - 24 months1200240024004800400080001000020000
25-36 Months18003600360072006000120001500030000
37-48 Months24004800480096008000160002000040000
49-60 Months3000600060001200010000200002500050000

AAR* : Annual Average Rent means Average Rent for a period of 12 months, irrespective of period of leave and licence, and includes any Advance rent paid or to be paid and further includes any deposit made or to be made, with or without any interest. (Calculation of AAR is same whether licence period is for 1 month or for 60 months).

Note: If the licencee does not vacate the premises, one should apply to Competent Authority under The Maharashtra Rent Control Act,1999, having office at MHADA Building, Bandra East, Mumbai - 400 051.

Registration Fees for Leave & Licence Agreement is Rs.1,000